Yoga In Life 50h-workshop

– integrate the philosophy of yoga in your day-to-day life

Yoga can be much more than exercise on a rubber mat. It has the potential to transform our lives and fill us with feelings like peace, joy, freedom, connection and a strong sense of being at home in ourselves. However, to tap into this potential it is not enough to do the exercises. Regardless which unfortunate tendencies we have in our lives, we can bring them into our practice, and then the practice will not change anything on a deeper level.

This course aims to give the participants an insight into thoughts and strategies in yoga. Together we shall go to the heart of what it is like to be human and study the fundamental philosophy of yoga. The aim is to establish a strong connection between yoga and life, so that we can make our practice matter – both to ourselves and to our students. For the home assignments we shall read a book (in Swedish) on the topic, and look at small bits of ancient texts (in English) to get a direct experience of the original Indian sources. Furthermore there will be exercises in self-inquiry to help us recognize the thoughts in our own lives.

Who can join this course?
All experienced yoga students can sign up for this course, and it is highly recommended for yoga teachers. It is not required to have previously studied with Global Yoga.
Vid anmälan får du ungefärligt schema.

Pris: 10 388 sek ink 6% moms

Lärare: Simon Krohn (workshopen hålls på engelska med svensk/dansk översättning vid behov :)

Datum: HÄR